Seamless Experience Across Outlook Clients

Guarantee 100% uptime to Outlook users. This means they can keep using their Outlook clients regardless of their migration status. Allow them to access their mail freely, while the migration progresses at the backend.

Outlook clients experience
password export

Export Of Passwords

Export passwords to target forest along with your mailboxes. For export of passwords a trust relationship between your forests is a must. In addition ADMT tool should be installed on the target server and Password Export Server on the source server.

user auto creation

Auto Creation Of Users

Automatically create users in the target AD, even if no prior users exist. Efflux can prepare users in the target AD along with their original passwords and other AD attributes and then migrate their mailboxes over.

staged migration

Staged Migration

Perform staged migration in convenient batches. Define a suitable sized batch and let Efflux handle the move. Keep track of all stages in the migration process. View the number of Prepared, In Progress, Queued and Completed mailboxes in the batch.

batch migration

Migration In Batches

Perform an asynchronous move of mailboxes. Where there are a large number of mailboxes to be migrated, divide them into smaller, separate batches and Efflux will move them on a first in, first out basis.

no trust required

No Trust Required

Circumvent the need of establishing a trust relationship between forests. A solution that does not involve the added complication and cost of deploying one-way or two-way trust relationships.

multiple accepted domains

Multiple Accepted Domains

Move multiple accepted domains. Assign mailboxes from multiple mail domains to Efflux and it will perform asynchronous move of mailboxes. The batch assigned first will be migrated first.

real time tracking

Real Time Tracking

Track the status of all your mailboxes in real time. See how many of them are in Prepared state, how many are In Progress and how many have Completed. Moreover view the exact sequence of events in the migration journey of a single mailbox.

no immediate DNS change

DNS Change After Completion

No need to change the DNS records immediately. Easily wait until after the completion of the full process.

extensive logs

Extensive Logging

Generate a daily log of events in the form of a csv file. View precisely the exceptions and operations encountered during migration. Always stay uptodate with three types of logs; Error Logging, Success Logging and Complete Logging.

light weight utility

Light Weight Desktop Utility

Relieve yourself from the unnecessary need of running PowerShell commands. Work with a light weight desktop utility that extends a comfortable graphical user’s interface.

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